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Your Senior Pet's Vet offers custom in-home, individualized, personal veterinary care to senior and special needs pets. 
In this new age of telemedicine, there is no better group of veterinary patients than senior pets that benefit from ongoing compassionate monitoring. Of course, their people benefit most from guidance as they care for their aging pets. 
I am now offering virtual visits and follow up for senior pets. The purpose is to keep track of the progression of chronic conditions in old dogs and cats, with minimal stress. Once a diagnosis is made, most pets benefit from ongoing care which can be done via e-mail, phone, or zoom. Continual contact with a veterinarian gives pet parents peace of mind as they care for their senior and chronically ill pets. 
Contact Dr. Shapiro for details.


As dogs and cats age, their tolerance, desire, and ability to travel to the veterinary hospital for medical care all but evaporates. The floors are slick, they have to jump in and out of the car, and the commotion of the waiting area is stressful. Fortunately, most of their veterinary needs can be met in the comfort of their own home. Once a diagnosis is made, follow up blood tests, therapy, and overall monitoring of chronic progressive conditions common in senior and special needs pets are easily addressed with in-home veterinary care. 


Your Senior Pet's Vet is a mobile veterinary practice focused on taking care of senior and special needs dogs and cats in the comfort of their own homes. Services provided range from managing chronic and acute illness with specific medications and therapy, and environmental accommodations, to helping families manage and enjoy the end stage of their pets lives. We offer compassionate custom medical care to our very special senior and special needs patients with a primary goal of maintaining dignity and a good quality of life. In-home euthanasia and cremation services are available with flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of pets and their families during a very sensitive emotional time. 

Peaceful End of Life Care at Home.
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