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Your Senior Pet's Vet offers many services geared especially towards elderly dogs and cats. 

They range from routine wellness examinations to management of acute or chronic illness. Supplements and medications, nutrition, follow up diagnostics, and environmental supplies and accommodations are all part of a comprehensive senior pet veterinary care program. In-home visits are generally relaxed, giving the veterinarian an objective view of quality of life for pets and their people. An ongoing positive relationship with your veterinarian allows for a healthy individualized team approach to your pet's senior years.   

Your Senior Pet's Vet Services Include:

In-Home Evaluations, Diagnostics, Treatment Plans, and Follow-Ups

In-Home Support for Pets with Disabilities and Special Needs

In-Home Quality of Life Evaluations

In-Home Hospice and Palliative Care

In-Home Euthanasia and Cremation Services

In this new age of telemedicine, there is no better group of veterinary patients than senior pets that benefit from ongoing compassionate monitoring. Of course, their people benefit most from guidance as they care for their aging pets. 
I am now offering virtual visits and follow up for senior pets. The purpose is to keep track of the progression of chronic conditions in old dogs and cats, with minimal stress. Once a diagnosis is made, most pets benefit from ongoing care which can be done via e-mail, phone, or zoom. Continual contact with a veterinarian gives pet parents peace of mind as they care for their senior and chronically ill pets.
Click our Disabled Pets tab for more about virtual vet consults for pets who are not regular patients of the Visiting Vet Service.
Contact Dr. Shapiro for details at
In-Home Evaluations, Diagnostics, Treatment Plans, and Follow-Ups
Many old age pet diseases are chronic and slowly progressive.  They can be managed with medications, supplements, and with accommodations added to the home environment.  Careful regular monitoring of treatment protocols, blood sampling to check the efficacy of treatment, and physical exams are performed in a relaxed home setting.  With regular monitoring, we are able to make appropriate changes and frequently avoid sudden urgent situations. 
In-Home Quality of Life Evaluations
We are available to consult with families when they have questions about quality of life, maintaining dignity, and the timing of euthanasia for their senior or ill pets.  We are sensitive to the concerns and emotions of the family during this difficult time and will work closely with the regular veterinarian as the need arises. 
In-Home Hospice and Palliative Care
We offer in-home palliative and hospice care, and end of life care for dogs and cats. Elderly, disabled, and sick dogs and cats benefit from house calls when chronic and progressive illness occurs and they become more sensitive to changes in their environment. Assessment of older dogs and cats in their home gives a more realistic view of how they are doing and what they need than when they are brought in to an animal hospital. 
Even minor changes in support, treatments, and the physical setting owners provide for their geriatric and ill pets may make a big difference in the long term prognosis and quality of life for some animals.  
In-Home Euthanasia and Cremation Services
As animals near the end of their lives we provide families and their pets with comfort, palliative therapy, and when appropriate, euthanasia in their own homes.  We are also willing to accommodate families that choose other special locations, if possible.
Euthanasia is a private and very personal experience for families.  In-home euthanasia allows families to relax with their pet during their final moments together.  Many choose a special corner in the house or a favorite spot under a shady tree outside to say goodbye to their beloved dog or cat.  They can grieve in privacy and create a memorable experience for themselves in the privacy of their own home.
Meeting with families and patients prior to a euthanasia visit allows for a smooth transition to the final visit, but this is not required.   Since it is often impossible to predict an exact day and time time, we try to be in contact with those who are getting near to the end, so we can be flexible in scheduling euthanasia appointments.
We offer a number of cremation options including private cremation with ashes returned.  Some families choose to make their own arrangements with local pet crematories and cemeteries.  Some choose to bury pets in their yard.  When considering home burial it is important to check out local zoning laws. 

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